Being a choreographer I am always thinking of new ways to improve my working methods. Combining the latest digital developments with the way I want to create and improvise, I developed an App for the Ipad and together with Marcus Graf we named it Kandinsky. This application can be used as a professional tool to time manage visual elements made on the Ipad. Kandinsky records lines, shapes and words that the user draws on the Ipad. When playing back the shapes and lines, everything will reappear in the same timing and with the same dynamics as when created. Besides recording the lines, there is also the possibility to link the drawings with music so the lines could follow the melody and beat.

Kandinsky and Dance

The App can be used for professional usage in different ways. The functions of Kandinsky contains similar elements of communicating movements with the dancers compared to the traditional method. Shapes, lines, dynamics, placement in space and rhythm all can be translated through the App. Usage of Kandinsky can lead to a co-creation between the choreographer and dancer, without losing the control as the choreographer. By just drawing a line with a certain rhythm and/or dynamic the dancer can create his own shape. Or it can be used to direct a dancer in a different way by drawing different elements with the line(s). The extra music function and also the possibility to loop the music, make it for a choreographer very easy to draw and clock the rhythm when he want it and also give the dancer a visual idea what the lines do in relation to music.

Kandinsky outside Dance

Kandinsky is originally created as a choreography tool but we believe it has much more possibilities and usages. From a professional point of view it can be used by everyone who has to work in or with a time-based elements. For example, theater technicians who quickly need to learn the timing and placement props, actors or dancers. Color could be used as a reminder form lighting colors. Or think of using Kandinsky as a timing manager when organizing events. An other example could be using time touch as a cooking manager. By writing the cooking steps on the Ipad , Kandinsky will automatically record the time schedule. Kandinsky is also an excellent tool for leisure. It is vey easy and a lot of fun to create animated drawings with it.

As long as time is a factor in your notes, Kandinsky could be useful for everything!

A demo of an early beta version of the program can be found at :



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